Permanent Suspension Magnets

Electro Suspension Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Piece 
We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Electro Suspension Magnets. These have been designed for the separation of non-ferrous material from any kind of tramp metal. The flow of material takes place under a highly effective magnetic field that attracts the scrap metals and thus purifies the material. This product has a self cleaning feature. This is easy to operate and has been designed for long term service.


  • Material: Non-ferrous

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Erich-Magnetic-MS-005

Permanent Suspension Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 / Piece 

We are among the prominent manufacturers and exporters of Permanent Suspension Magnets. Due to the use of permanent magnet, they do not lose their ability to lift the objects for a very long time. When materials are being conveyed on fast moving belts, these effectively remove ferrous materials from them. These can be utilized for all forms of materials whether wet, dry, fine or coarse. These are highly useful for multiple industries.


  • No operating cost
  • No electrical maintenance
  • No costly shutdowns
  • Simple installation
  • Uninterrupted magnetic protection


Kindly  send us the following information enabling us to send you a suitable offer:

  • Width of conveyor belt and speed
  • Material handled
  • Lump Size of material
  • Burden depth of material on conveyor
  • Mini. And max. Size and weight of tramp iron to be separated
  • Type of magnet i.e. Permanent or Electromagnetic
  • Self cleaning or manual cleaning
  • Operating height of magnet (from top of conveyor to magnet face) if possible

Self Cleaning Suspension Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 80,000 / Piece 

We offer our valuable customers Self Cleaning Suspension Magnets. Their design is characterized by a conveyor belt built around the magnet which can extract scrap iron from the subjected material. These are easy to install and operate and provide accurate results. The entire system comprises of a square flange unit, a conveyor belt, belt tensioning device and a channel frame. These can be provided as per the requirements of the customers.




  • Permanent magnet field
  • No electrical hook ups
  • Compact design

Manual Cleaning Suspension Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 20,000 / Piece 

We are engaged in the manufacture and export of Manual Cleaning Suspension Magnets. We make these available in two variants. These are suitable for those applications wherein there is less percentage of contamination in the subjected material. The iron tramp hence collected is cleaned manually. These are characterised by flawless design and outstanding functionality. We make these available at competitive prices.


  • Material: Magnetic
  • Width: From 300mm to 2000mm
  • Height: 100mm to 300mm

Permanent Plate Magnets

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Piece 

We are engaged in offering Permanent Plate Magnets to our esteemed customers. These protect a variety of materials from the damaging effects of iron tramp. These can be easily installed in any non-magnetic areas and are made available in multiple dimensions to suit the requirements of the customers. These are made available in stainless steel construction. We have priced these competitively.


•Sizes from 4 to 60 inches (102 to 1524 mm).
  * Available in high power Rare Earth magnets suitable for separation of fine iron particles and Strontium Ferrite magnets for separation of tramp iron.

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