Electromagnetic Separator

Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Separator

Product Details:
  • Brand: Erich
  • Model: OBMS
  • Capacity: 10TPH

Electromagnetic Separators are designed for separation of ferrous metal from a variety of over the belt conveyor applications.They are successfully remove damaging tramp metal from flow of coal, limestone, sand, gravel, wood products, recycled materials and almost any conveyed non ferrous material. Installation options include In Line and Cross Belt configurations to meet the specific needs of your application. Operations :- As  the  product  on  a  conveyor  belt  flows  under  the  powerful  magnetic  field,  ferrous  material  is  pulled   out  of  the  product  flow  and  held  to  the  face  of  the   magnet. When  using  a  Manual Clean  model,  the  collected   tramp  metal  is  held  in  place  for  as  the  unit  has power. In order to clean the unit, the power source must simply be turned off, which instantly releases  the metal from the magnets hold. With  Self Cleaning models,  continuous  cleaning  is  made   possible   by   a   heavy   duty   clad   belt   that  encircles the magnet on a series of rotating pulleys. As   ferrous   metal   is   attracted   and   held   by   the   magnet, the moving belt carries the collected metal  outside   of   the   magnetic   field   where   it   is   then   released beyond the product flow.

Manual Clean Electromagnetic Separator

Automatically remove large tramp metal contamination from product flows on conveyors belts or vibratory feeders to product processing equipment and improve product purity. BENEFITS: • Powerful ferrous metal separation • On/Off capability
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